Copperhead County Salutes Labor Day (also it's 20% off)

Hello outlaws,

You are cordially invited to save 20% on Copperhead County in observation of Labor Day. If you do not own the game yet, why not buy it now while it's $3 off and I am hard at work writing new stuff for you? If you do own the game, why not encourage others to explore Crime & Corruption in the New South™️?

Hey, did you know Copperhead County has not one, but two, labor-themed factions? Your crew very well may get caught up in labor issues past and present. 

1. The Local 77 are a crew of vengeful ex-miners put out of work when the mysterious firm OGRE bought out the bankrupt local mineral concern, ignoring retirees' promised pensions, busting any remaining unionized employees, and shifting to a new strategy of using small teams to blow the fuck out of mountains, raining rubble and refuse into the county wilderness. Enterprising crews might seek to aid the 77 in their quest, sabotaging OGRE operations, stealing money, and extending a helping hand to those left behind.

2. There's also the United Auto Assemblers, an effort led by an out-of-town organizer to unionize the new Kuruma Motors plant. Kuruma built their shiny factory using millions of public dollars in tax breaks, incentives, and subsidies, with the promise of delivering fruitful new jobs to the county. There are jobs, but many of them are perma-temp, with long hours, low pay and no protections, and subject to a brutal regime of productivity maximization. Of course, Kuruma's boosters in the county GOP are no friends to the working man themselves. Sympathetic crews might help the effort with cash, espionage, or more direct action against the industry bigwigs and their backers.

Wow, sounds like a good campaign! Stay tuned for more news as Copperhead County continues to evolve.

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