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Copperhead County is a tabletop roleplaying game about organized crime, political corruption, capitalism, and life in the modern American South. Set in the year 201x, in a fictional county in Tennessee, your player characters try to make a living and build a business, American-style, while surviving against the competition, the authorities, and their own hellbound ambitions. 

Copperhead County is Forged in the Dark, based on the beloved engine from Blades in the Dark.  Inspired by media like The Wire, Breaking Bad, Justified, the books of Daniel Woodrell, and many other works of contemporary crime fiction, Copperhead County presents a grounded, realist world and has you play an action RPG in it.

The current Early Access version of the game is a 60+ page PDF, extensively playtested and refined, compatible with the free Blades in the Dark SRD. You will need to reference the SRD, or have a working knowledge of the system, to play. The EA document contains full variant rules, playbooks, player and GM guidance, and a complete setting. There's a lot of content! A standalone release is coming this summer.

Anyone who purchases Copperhead County during the EA period gets a discount over the final price, all subsequent updates for free, free access to the official Copperhead County Season Pass for post-release DLC, and the satisfaction of backing a 100% DIY independent RPG.

Play and find:

  • Action! Steal things, chase cars, brawl goons, blow stuff up.
  • Drama! Develop your character's personal relationships and demons as they embark on their new career in organized crime.
  • Politics! Consider the legacy and present of the South, in its dueling majesty and horror. How do you feel about mountaintop removal mining, union organizing, charter schools, and reality television? Rig elections and corrupt the political machine, or reject the system and go your own way.
  • MusicCopperhead County has two official soundtracks: a reasonably-sized one and an extremely long one.

Choose from character playbooks like:

  • The Brick, an unstoppable enforcer.
  • The Cleaner, a steady problem solver.
  • The Hazard, a volatile artisan.
  • The Mover, an uncatchable daredevil.
  • The Stringer, an ingenious executive.
  • The Wheeler, a wily politician.

Choose from crew playbooks like:

  • Hellraisers, a crew of renegades fighting the status quo.
  • Outfit, a crew of crooks exploiting the status quo.
  • Blood, a family dynasty taking care of their own.

Steal, fight, negotiate, sin, and get rich in a place where whiskey and blood run together. Welcome to Copperhead County.

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Forged in the Dark

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Updated 9 days ago
StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
AuthorJason Eley
GenreRole Playing
Average sessionA few hours
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer


Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

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