Copperhead County July Update

Hello outlaws,

There's not a lot to share yet, but I would be remiss to let July go by without a general update.

Copperhead County @ Go Play NW

At the beginning of the month, Copperhead County associate Michael C and I ran a pair of games at Go Play NW, which both went swimmingly. I also got to play this game for the first time ever in Michael's session. Hey: it's pretty good!

Accepting Submissions for Job Examples (Edit: No Longer Accepting)

(Edit: The window is closed!)

Let's Finish this Fucking Book

Work remains steady on the next update, which as I continue to claim, will be a draft of the final game book. I'm forever not as able to get as much done as I would like, but most recently I mostly-finalized the characters chapter and added something cool to the character creation steps. Next I want to spend time on setting writing, including reformatting and expanding the location chapters, and adding in a couple of new factions.

Want to help out? There are a few steps you might take:

  1. Buy the game
  2. Encourage others to buy the game
  3. Say something nice about the game
  4. Encourage others to say something nice about the game

To be honest, Copperhead County is not setting any sales records and I receive next to zero feedback about it. Let me know if you actually want to see a full book!

Until next time, I bid you all a fond "y'all come":

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