Copperhead County v6.5 Update + SUMMER SALE

Hey outlaws,

I've put up a small update to Copperhead County, consisting of just updated playsheets (which you can also just download solo from the game page).

The biggest change here is a redesign of the Hazard playbook. Longtime Copperhead County watchers will know that the Hazard has undergone a lot of changes as I’ve tried to refine it around being an open-ended tech character, but I think the last few versions have leaned too hard on that and unfortunately made the playbook a bit personality-free. So I went back to the drawing board and redid it and it is now perhaps the best playbook, and very Breaking Badian. I hope you like it!

Twitter users may have already seen that we're also working on all-new playsheet designs. These are also going to feature an all-new backside sheet with note space and useful info. The playbooks are mostly done, while the crew books are still in development, and then I'll also update all of the other playsheets. Keep an eye out for those soon!

Finally, Copperhead County is also 20% off for the summer sale. This is an exciting time to buy the game: it was recently updated, more updates are coming, we're appearing at Go Play NW in two weeks, and I am hard at work on the final book. So if you don't have it... buy it during this sale!

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