Copperhead County v5 Update

Copperhead County v5! This is a big update, bursting with new pages.

  • GM support. Most of the new content is related to the Game Master section. We now feature all-new exegesis of GM goals, principles, and actions, to help you GM.
  • A few tweaks to Injury. While I was mostly happy with the v4 Injury system, there were still some lingering issues I had with the concepts of harm and healing that I failed to address. I think I've successfully done so here, and there are some fun new twists which will hopefully delight you.
  • Special ability language cleanup. I simplified the language in several special abilities and moved around a couple of Cleaner abilities.
  • The Hazard has a chainsaw now. enough said!!!


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Jan 12, 2019
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Jan 12, 2019

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