Copperhead County v3 Update

Happy Labor Day! As a holiday surprise, I've uploaded Copperhead County v3 for your enjoyment.

What is v3? If you saw my last update, you may recall that I said I was holding off on major changes through release. It turns out that, like Jimmy McGill, a liar's heart lurked within my placid chest. v3 consists of a few changes I've made while reflecting on my latest campaign. There are limited PC-facing changes; this is mostly about the long-term campaign game. 

The Claims system has been revamped to provide better onboarding and ongoing gameplay opportunities, which also involves better integration with, and changes to, RepTurf, and Tier. The Injury / Recovery mechanics have also been made a bit simpler and more freeform, with some mechanics I think are very cool. There's also a new faction: the backyard grapplers of CHEW, aka, Copperhead Extreme Wrestling. You may read more about these changes in the v3 PDF.


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Sep 04, 2018
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Sep 04, 2018

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