Copperhead County Sheets Update

Hello outlaws,

I've just uploaded a small update to the sheets, fixing a few typos and formatting issues.

This update also introduces a secret seventh playbook... the Outlaw. The Outlaw is a blank playbook for advanced players who want to double up on playbooks, mix-and-match a completely custom playbook, or just create a character from scratch. If you create an Outlaw, use the other playbooks as a model for starting actions, xp triggers, friends, etc.

btw, if you spot a typo or something that looks fucked up, let me know! If it's in the game, that means I probably don't know about it.

More soon!


Copperhead County v7 Oct 20 MB
Oct 01, 2019
Copperhead County Sheets v8 10-01-19.pdf 1 MB
Oct 01, 2019

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